Individual Project

The individual project is the foundation of our project based learning approach in this class. It will be completed in four cumulative milestones corresponding to the class schedule. See all guides provided in a zip file below.

Individual Web Project Guides (ZIP)

Final Term Project

The term project allows students to explore their own interests and learn from their unique experiences. The project is customized to satisfy student needs and learn or apply knowledge in greater depth. Student can choose to do the default project, in which a student will apply all knowledge and skills developed through the individual project and develop a single page application similar to the individual project, but with a different API. The knowledge and skills are essentially jQuery, JSON, RESTful Web API, AJAX, and SPA rich UI design.

Web Hosting

Each student will have a live web site hosted by a hosting service like Azure. A list of student web sites are presented on this page. All assignments and other applications need to be hosted on the site.

Selected Student Websites - updated in Dec 2017