Class Schedule and Materials - Last updated on Sept 9, 2019

The class content is organized by milestones and modules. Each module is provided in one ZIP file which includes a study guide, lecture notes, examples, and labs (with selected answers). All examples are also live at

Milestone I: Fundamentals

Module #2 jQuery

A quick overview and practice of jQuery

Module #3 JSON

Introduction of JSON and its processing in JavaScript and PHP

Milestone II: RESTful Web API

Module #4 RESTful Web API

Introduction of REST architecture style and RESTful Web APIs

Module #5 Google Books API

Introduction of the Google Books API

Milestone III: AJAX

Module #6 AJAX

Introduction of Asynchonous JavaScript and XML

7. Cross-Domain AJAX

Three ways to work with cross-domain AJAX calls to RESTful Web APIs.

Milestone IV: SPA UI

8. Data Layout

Presenting data in three layout styles, utilizing CSS Flex and Mustache template.

9. Data Interaction

Interacting with search results - load more data in four UI patterns; requesting details on-demand in three UI patterns.