Course Description

This course covers more advanced topics on web application development with a focus on single-page web applications, serverless applications, and web APIs. Building upon your fundamental frontend web development skills, this course enhances web development skills at the client side, utilizing tools like jQuery, JSON, and AJAX. Students will complete one major development project upon finishing this course.

Course objectives/learning outcomes

  1. Explain modern web application architectures and related concepts like single page application and serverless application.
  2. Demonstrate use of advanced applications of JavaScript and CSS3.
  3. Apply and integrate AJAX techniques to create asynchronous applications.
  4. Examine and consume popular RESTful web APIs.
  5. Build a custom real-world single-page serverless web application.

Course features

  1. Build a custom real-world single-page serverless web application.
  2. Use popular web APIs like Google Books API.
  3. Utilize major SPA user interface design patterns and best practices.
  4. Deploy projects on the Microsoft Azure Platform.

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